6 Tips On How To Lift The Bar Correctly

Want to learn to lift the bar with us? Unlike the dumbbell which can be traced back to Greco-Roman times, the barbell appears to be a relatively new phenomena. In the past two centuries, the barbell has surfaced as an important tool in strength training but despite its relatively long history, the majority of people still have no idea how to lift the bar correctly.

When performed properly, weight lifting can build muscle, improve overall fitness and promote a healthier lifestyle. However, if you start lifting incorrectly, it could lead to serious long-term injury.

Here are a few tips on how to lift the bar correctly:

Tip 1 – Find a ‘Spotter’

When lifting the bar, make sure you have a “spotter” around – someone to ensure you lift the bar (or free weights) correctly is crucial because even the most experienced weight lifters can drop a weight and hurt themselves. Make sure the spotter is capable of supporting or lifting the weight you are using.

Tip 2 – Choose the correct weight

The purpose of a barbell is to increase the resistance which your muscles work against during the performance of an exercise. This resistance should be high enough to challenge you but not so high that you lose form or can’t perform the exercise properly. When learning a new exercise consider lifting the bar with even less weight – doing it right is more important than lifting heavy!

Tip 3 – Don’t be influenced by others

The barbell should not be used to show off. Do not allow yourself to be pressured by others when deciding on what weight to lift. If your weight selection is dependent on what others around you can lift then you should reassess your priorities in the gym.

Tip 4 – Adopt the correct body position

It is crucial when lifting the bar that you use the correct body positioning and path of movement to allow for the joints involved to move in a safe and comfortable manner. If you can’t instantly stop and hold the bar motionless at any point during the exercise (without changing body position), you are moving too fast.

Tip 5 – Slow and controlled

When you lift the bar, accelerating too rapidly will not provide any real physical benefit over a slow and controlled movement, instead it will reduce the efficiency of muscular loading and increase the stress on the joints which could result in an injury.

Tip 6 – Stay safe

When using a plate-loaded bar, always use collars or clips and check that they are fastened. This will ensure you don’t drop plates onto any part of your body or onto someone else. If you see someone else doing something stupid or dangerous with a barbell stay a safe distance away from them.

Finally, according to research, lifting weights is one of the safest activities that you can perform.

The key is to focus on form, be safe and use common sense.

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