Yoga Detox Workshop

Yoga Detox Workshop 
With Kara Herbert 
Saturday 23rd February 2019, 9:30am-1:30pm
£35 ( includes Ginger Shot & Detox Super Green Smoothie)
It can be a challenge to get ourselves back into a healthy relaxed pattern again after our systems have been flooded with toxins accumulated through festive treats. We can often feel sluggish, tired and stiff after being out of our usual routines. Yoga removes toxins from tissues of the body and organs, cleansing digestive system and kick starting the immune system. Mediation cleanses the mind, finding stillness and space to create fresh intentions of wellness for the new year ahead.
This Yoga detox workshop is an opportunity to feel lighter, energised and set goals for the new year. We will be using Yoga Asanas, Kriyas (traditional yogic techniques to cleanse and purify body and mind including candle gazing) and Meditation. Building heat with a vigorous Asana and Prana sequence to sweat out toxins including deep twists, creative flow and cleansing breath to boost health of our liver and gall bladder systems to encourage healthy detoxification and boost energy. A meditation practice to ask what no longer serves us, removing negativity from body and mind, letting go in order to create space for new growth.
9:30-10:00am Arrive/ Welcome/ Ginger Shot
10:00-11:40am Yoga Kriyas and Asana & Prana Sequence
11:45-12:15pm Meditation/ Goal Setting
12:30-1:30pm Detox Super Green Smoothie/ Grounding & Postive Intentions/ Goodbyes