Teen Yoga and it’s benefits


Teenagers today like all teenagers before them, suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, peer pressure and exam worries. These  are issues that teens have faced for years, add to this the rapid increase in the use of smart phones and ipad’s and todays teens also face living in an “always on” environment.

As a parent, grandparent or carer it is difficult to know how we can help or advise our young adults as many of us don’t understand or are unable to relate to this way of living,

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of yoga for teens are quite similar to the benefits of yoga for adults. Yoga builds strength, flexibility, lengthens the muscles, increases core stability and can greatly improve pupil’s posture, particularly useful if they have been hunched over a desk all day. However it is the combination of both the physical and the mental benefits that have encouraged yoga teachers to develop these courses.

Mental Benefits

As a teenager it is easy to be distracted and yoga can help to mentally refocus by allowing teens to fully concentrate on the present moment.  Stillness will also encourage the mind and body to relax and by doing so teens will gain a better sense of their thoughts and emotions and be able to understand more fully what they are feeling and as a result more appropriately process them.

In addition to concentrating their emotions, yoga also encourages self-love and self-acceptance, which can help enormously for those struggling with body image issues. Studies have also shown that teenagers who practice yoga show more positive moods and less anxiety and depression. Yoga also breeds connection and educates teens to learn to accept one another more fully no matter what their social following or how many likes they have received!

Teen yoga course

We at Balance are  thrilled to include a course for Teens within our already packed timetable at Balance with a young yoga teacher called Maddie Norris. This will start on the Tuesday 8th Jan at 5.15pm.

“Maddie’s class is designed to promote self-confidence and teens will leave feeling empowered and free of some of the stresses of daily life and that is surely is a good place to start.”

Course starts:  Tuesday 8th November 5.15 to 6pm cost is £45 for 6 weeks.