Personal Training at Balance

Why Personal Training

If you’re relatively new to the gym, the thought of spending an hour in the company of a personal trainer can be a bit daunting. Running on a treadmill and waving a kettlebell around in the air while a total stranger in spectacular physical condition looks at you would be intimidating to anyone.

The truth is, though, if you are going to start going to the gym regularly, then at least a few personal training session is most definitely a good idea.

Here at Balance you are training in the privacy of a private gym with no one but the trainer and you and no one judging you from the other corner. This is what puts you at ease, and you will get more out of your session. Then, when you feel confident you can move into a class and go from there.


One reason to start on this journey, live a healthier life style and get fitter is summed up by Zanna…

Words of wisdom from Zanna Van Dijk, fitness blogger

Why do I live a healthy lifestyle? Why do I train hard and eat a balanced diet? Because I love my body. I love my body enough to want to nourish it with wholesome foods and strengthen it with exercise. Not because I hate my body. Not because I hate how I look. Not as punishment or out of guilt. I find that when you live a healthy lifestyle out of self-love rather than self-loathing, it becomes so much easier to enjoy your journey along the way. I put my focus on how I feel and how I perform rather than solely on how I look. I don’t pick myself apart or criticise my body, I admire how strong and capable it is. It is so incredible that I have the ability and strength to push myself hard inside and outside the gym. I celebrate my body and everything it can do, and I hope you guys can do the same with yours


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