Burning Calories at Christmas

With it being the time of year to eat all those delicious foods and treats, we thought we would have a little check in on calories!

Usually I would say, do not count calories. This is because throughout the year generally speaking, we’re pretty good with our routine and eating clean, especially with exercise keeping you motivated. Choosing nutritious clean foods we don’t need to count. We naturally feel full and energy is high.

Now, it’s different when we start to introduce negative calorie foods, which essentially mean, they have absolutely no or very little nutritional content that will not serve your body well. It will be sugar in your body which takes a lot to burn off.

These are the foods I am taking about: Mince Pies, Christmas Cake, Chocolates, Chocolate Log Cake, Toffees, Fudge….It goes on. This is the time of year the temptation arises.

So, if you knew what it took to burn these calories off, would it make you think, stop and not choose these items?

It is still possible to have a Christmas without the added weight. Treat little. Keep exercising. And make more good decisions about your nutrition, especially around this time of year.

Plus, these foods are the way to make you feel lethargic and sofa bound.

Healthy fruit, vegetables, turkey and protein don’t count. They are your essential nutrients.

Good luck. The attraction of the sweet stuff is tough!!

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