The Calories burnt in Kettlercise

Have any of you wondered how many calories you burn doing a kettles class at Balance?

Here is an example of one of our clients fitbit records for this. You can see the calorie levels burnt and the raised metabolic rate which will then continue for at least 24 hours after the class has finished. This will see you burning more calories over that period than if you had not done the class and you will therefor burn more fat, on average 100 calories more in the day after the class. If you were to do one class a week for 40 weeks of the year this would amount to 4,000 calories a year extra whilst just standing still! Plus don’t forget the raised fitness levels, calories burnt in the class and the fun of exercising with others! So come along and give it a go…. included in the low impact class Tuesday 9.30am and Pure Kettlercise Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm Both for an hour.


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