How to get strong Abdominals

With Summer in full swing, one of the most frequently asked questions at the moment is:

How can I tone up my abdominals or Abs as they are commonly known.

So, Sue and I thought we try and sum up our best advice for the Summer season on this topic:

The first thing you need to understand is that you can do all the exercises in the world and still not potentially feel you’re in your best shape if you have not acknowledged some diet changes.

Of course exercise is a major factor, but we are talking six pack, wash board stomach here, and for that you have to get your routine in the kitchen.

To make this kind of a difference you are talking about a positive change in your eating habits by 80% And a change in your exercise routine by 20%

A good breakfast this needs to be high in healthy protein and fats. As it’s the summer, why not try fresh mackerel. 5-7mins under the grill and you won’t miss any carbs and you will have all your essential omega 3.

Lunch, well it’s salad time so go for any type. Think of the colours of the rainbow with all the seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are so many good combinations and add fruit too to give it a zing.

Dinner: Think meat or fish and loads of veg.

And if you want a drink to enjoy while sitting in the sunshine choose a light tonic, sparkling water to make a spritzer and plenty of herbal ice teas for lots of antioxidant boost.

Choose a summer sport you can enjoy like playing tennis or golf. Go swimming or surfing in the sea. Or simply enjoy some long walks while the weather is nice.

I believe using vinyasa flow before or after a workout is a really effective way to work the abs and you are also stretching so it is a win win.

Here is an example of the vinyasa flow we do at Balance.

Sue, like the PT’s on Women’s Health this month swear by Boxing.  By twisting the trunk you sculpt and shape burning loads of calories and abdominal strength. Why not try her Boxercise Class on Tuesdays 5:45pm

Take a look at what some other PT’s in Women’s health advise:

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