Balance with Bowen

At Balance we are fortunate to introduce Cat who is a Bowen Technique professional. Cat will be at Balance and can take you through a treatment on these days:


Saturdays (Only some weeks.)

If you would like to book in a slot please message Oba and Sue at Balance.

I recently had some treatment and here is my testimonial:

‘Cat has an amazing way about about her and a tremendous in-depth knowledge about the body. She runs through your treatment in a relaxed  manor and environment and talks you through what she is doing and where you have tightness and reduced ranges of movement.

After an initial assessment Cat treats your body with non-invasive methods, lightly pushing muscles in the direction they should be going and not they way they have been, which is what we do to protect our bodies when we’ve had an injury.

Cat really understands the body and can isolate certain muscles where you have tightness. She can pin-point exactly where you are having problems and she will release tightness and even emotional tension. (Cat released my quadriceps and hip from my abdominals and I experienced an unpredictable and uncontrolled wave of emotion, it was that impactful. And this was not down to physical pain, I must reassure.)

During treatment I experienced some very subtle uncontrolled movements and sensations, such as deep heat, tingling in hands and arms, deeper inhalations, Light electric like sensations across my stomach, full relaxation and comfort, my legs flopped in complete relaxation and I felt dozy and tired.

It is definitely recommended that you drink plenty of water afterwards and don’t plan anything too adventurous directly after treatment.

As an exercise instructor and runner I have found incredible relief through the Bowen technique with Cat. After years of  a hip issue coming and going, Cat managed to remove my discomfort and on going pain in just one session, also identifying what the cause had been and how I can protect myself from it in the future. Her advice is invaluable and I am just so grateful to of found a solution with her and way to correct myself.

I have had two sessions now with Cat over the course of 10 days and my body is lighter, I can breath easier and old nagging pains have disappeared completely. I would highly recommend her treatment.

Oba, July 2016

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