Kirsty Runs The London Marathon

Congratulations Kirsty for running the London Marathon.

Balance congratulates Kirsty on running the London Marathon this weekend. 4 hours 41mins and she was over the line and feeling exhilarated. Kirsty raised a terrific sum for NSPCC and we are all so proud. In the lead up to the marathon, Kirsty trained to the book, increasing miles gradually and not missing a weekend of training, even if it meant running in sleet with a head torch. To support her x-training Kirsty followed the courses of Kettlercise at Balance every Tuesday 9:30am. The benefits for marathon runners are that it builds lean muscle mass to support endurance work. We thought we wouldn’t see Kirsty this week at Kettlercise due to her tremendous run. But she was there in all her glory. And not too sore, because she trained so well. The biggest congratulations Kirsty. Well done. What an achievement.

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