Day 2 Of The Challenge

Today we cycled 90km in high humidity and 35 degree heat, but fear not we are all still alive!

Our route took us through paddy fields and tiny villages until the end where we hit the second biggest city in the Mekong Delta… at rush hour… and in a monsoon!!

It was completely terrifying as there really just weren’t any rules of the road – no highway code in sight! We played games of chicken through the whole city – if you stop peddling or hesitate you’ve had it! We went through red lights and across junctions weaving in and out of mopeds piled high with entire families!

It was absolute madness but we’re all having such a blast and are resting up ready for the day tomorrow.

Have a look on facebook for a few pictures of the day including me in Asain clothing and workers in the paddy fields!

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Thanks for reading!

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