All direct debit balance members have priority bookings and 10% discount off all purchases of goods in the gym.

Entry Level
£38.99 per month

This includes 4 class passes per month and additional classes at the reduced rate of £10.

Intermediate Level
£64.99 per month

This includes 8 class passes per month and additional classes at the reduced rate of £10.

Unlimited Level
£99.99 per month

Unlimited class passes and a 30 minute PT session per month.

Member Benefits:

  • Ability to book classes a head of time as far in advance as you like to make sure you are on your favourite class.
  • 10% off any purchases made of kit or products and a discount on the price of classes.
  • Any extra classes taken over and above the DD allowance at £10 instead of £12 drop in.
  • Those on MOVE GB can only book 1 week in advance as can drop in clients who will still pay £12

Pay As You Go

1:1 Personal Training


1:1 Postural Analysis


1 Hour Classes drop in




Bowen With Cat Wilton

The Bowen technique is a very gentle but powerful muscle and connective tissue therapy that can bring rapid and long lasting relief from pain.

If you are suffering from back pain, sciatica, knee problems, RSI, tennis elbow, restricted shoulder problems or any other pain please get in touch to discuss how Bowen can help you.

Thai Massage with Ruth

60 mins – £60  |  90 mins – £80  |  120 mins – £95

Ruth Timms one of our resident Yoga teachers can now offer Thai massage.

Monday evenings from 8.00 and weekend dates on request.

In traditional Thai yoga massage, the recipient remains clothed while the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked in order to clear energy blockages and relieve tension. The practitioner uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create a dance of movement on the body, which is part massage and part assisted yoga. In this process, joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched and energy is balanced. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, physical and mental well-being.

Suffering with tension headaches?

£30 per session through Balance (normally £36)

Tension headaches can be caused by:

  • Dehydration
  • Poor sleep
  • Stress
  • Eye strain
  • Muscle tension.

Reflexology has a good track record of helping sufferers deal with this temporary and treatable problem.

Please feel free to call for a no obligation chat on: 07771 304072

Tracy Ann Christie
Accredited by the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)
Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists (MGHT)

*Package price must be paid for in advance of bookings and cannot be used in conjunctions with any other offer – with thanks.

Deep Tissue Massage with Oba

£40 per hour

Oba is a qualified Masseuse and will happily use massage as a way of helping to release tension in muscles or to treat areas of injury and enable a better healing process.

She is also able to massage more gently if this is required to just stress bust! A great way to finish a work out or have as a stand alone treatment.

Aromatic Acupressure

£32 single treatment
£30 package x 2
£162 package x 6

The aromatic acupressure face and scalp treatment: This is a truly holistic therapy, helping to rebalance the mind, body and spirit.

A face, neck and head treatment using fingertip pressure which taps into your meridian points. Gentle pressure to your facial and scalp meridian points stimulates your energy flow enabling your whole body to relax. A regular treatment improves muscle tone and draws impurities from your skin, leaving you with a vital flow. The treatment comprises of an acupressure message to the face, neck and scalp using rose and geranium essential oils, completing with a treatment mask hand blended specifically for your skin type.

Please feel free to call Balance for a no obligation chat on: 07776 147920

Tracy Ann Christie
Accredited by the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)
Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists (MGHT)

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