Hatha Vinyassa flow Yoga

Wednesday with Mirella training since 2007 she has become passionate about the discipline which has taken her to a deep  understanding and knowledge.
Since then she has never stopped training and learning. The journey to India, in 2013 meant training in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga and since then she has never stopped training and learning.
The classes she teaches can be energetic and fast as well as slow and calm. In both cases you’ll go home feeling refreshed, stronger and surely calmer.

Mens yoga Thursday with Christian. Christian is  a registered yoga teacher after qualifying in Bali with Santosha Yoga Institute. His approach to yoga is grounded in a BSc(Hons) Applied Sports Science degree and delivered with a confidence acquired after serving as a British Army Officer. His flowing practice is accessible to all and heavily steeped in a positive and motivational energy that is focused on developing your breath, whilst stretching and strengthening your body.

Thursday with Ruth Ruth is  a 500 hour, level 4 diploma and one of the most comprehensive and rigorous courses available. In Ruths class Students can expect a mindful, flowing practice with an emphasis on alignment, breath and precision of movement. Ruth’s aim is that students of all levels leave feeling physically challenged but also relaxed, recalibrated and completely confident in their abilities.

This yoga uses the power of your inhale and exhale to indicate your dynamic movements as you follow the vinyasa. Using the classic asanas we will focus on certain areas of the body each session.

Connecting with your breath is a powerful skill that often we forget about as we sit at our desks and forget. This class will make you aware of the depth of breath you have. It will encourage you to breathe deeply into the body, it will help ease any tight areas of the body.

Come and give it a go and flow through asanas to build strength, flexibility and energy.

Its flowing, heating and will tone your whole body.

Wednesday 1:30pm (1 Hour) with Mirella
Thursday 7.15am (1 Hour) Mens yoga with Christian
Thursday 9.30am ( 1 hour ) with Ruth


Support & Variety

Lots of fun exercises over the course of the term.

Small & Private

The Bootcamp lies in beautiful surroundings which is a fantastic alternative to busy and loud city centre gyms!

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