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Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

This yoga uses the power of your inhale and exhale to indicate your dynamic movements as you follow the vinyasa. Using the classic asanas we will focus on certain areas of the body each session.

The program will be continuous work, stamina and strength building and challenging as you will not stop.

Connecting with your breath is a powerful skill that often we forget about as we sit at our desks and forget. This class will make you aware of the depth of breath you have. It will encourage you to breathe deeply into the body, it will help ease any tight areas of the body.

Come and give it a go and flow through asanas to build strength, flexibility and energy.

Its flowing, heating and will tone your whole body.

Wednesday 1:30pm (1 Hour)


Support & Variety

Lots of fun exercises over the course of the term.

Small & Private

The Bootcamp lies in beautiful surroundings which is a fantastic alternative to busy and loud city centre gyms!

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