Beginners Yoga

Would you like to find out what yoga is all about and have the whole discipline explained and taught in a way that will allow you to enter a more main stream class at the end of the course?

Come and join us in a 6 week beginners course after you have dropped the kids at school or before you begin your day in full. Begin the day recharged and restored and with new fitness ammunition for your lifestyle.

Discover the many benefits of yoga for your health and well being.
This short course is suitable for absolute beginners and those who are curious !
Linda will guide you through correct postures and introduce yoga breathing techniques at a gentle pace.

With the emphasis on improving body alignment, building strength and flexibility and allowing relaxation time, you will start off your yoga journey safely, developing the confidence to join a general yoga class.

Linda is a qualified yoga teacher who loves to help people begin their yoga journey and with her help we hope you will enjoy and continue with the practice of Yoga.

Tuesday 7th Sept


Support & Variety

Lots of fun exercises over the course of the term.

Small & Private

The Bootcamp lies in beautiful surroundings which is a fantastic alternative to busy and loud city centre gyms!

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